Heading back over to the large developers, I sat down with Blizzard and got some in-depth looks at their new games, an expansion to World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor and Blizzard’s Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) Heroes of the Storm.

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PAX East 2014 has come and gone, and as always I had a great time hanging out with my friends and seeing the vast array of games out on display. This was my first year attending as media for GameCritics.com, which meant I was able to have some hands-on time with a few games. Here are the ones that I checked out, with Part 1 covering 2K studios, Amplitude Studios, and Drinkbox Studios, and part 2 covering Blizzard and Robot Entertainment.

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I’ve been slacking off a lot on this blog. I shall attempt to rectify.

So far starters, my latest review for GameCritics.com is live! Read all the words I wrote on From Software’s Dark Souls 2 right here.

Next up, I will be at PAX East this upcoming weekend, so if you happen to swing by feel free to say hello! I will (of course) have my copy of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate with me, and I’m down for all the hunts.

Third, I have a Twitch account (twitch.tv/gelles)! I streamed (almost) my entire Dark Souls 2 run, and just recently did a playthrough of Fear Effect 2. When I return from PAX, next weekend, I plan to start a 100%(ish) playthrough of Parasite Eve 2 on the weekends, with general streaming of things during the midweek.

And finally, I have a YouTube channel (It’s Gelles22, of COURSE it’s Gelles22)! My most recent upload is from last year, when I did a Let’s Play of Final Fantasy Tactics, and I haven’t decided what I’ll formally do an LP of this year yet. I’m debating a Caestus-only Dark Souls 2 run once the PC version releases, but we’ll see.

I’m currently playing through Final Fantasy X HD for review, and it just really makes me hope for a Final Fantasy XII HD.

Biomedical engineering.

I got a pdf around here somewhere that was a 1920s prosthetic maker’s product guide and factory walk through.

My Dark Souls 2 review should be up in a day or two in GameCritics.com (hint: I really liked it). I’m hoping to get FFX/FFX-2 done before PAX (12 days). I also started Burial at Sea part 2 and I’m already thrown by just the intensity of the first three minutes.

I owe storythreads a Gelles/Xyra BFF story. Galerunner wants her coda written. I still need that next Korra/Asami story finished.

Oh, but I have a wonderful new fountain pen to use (Montrevede Intima ooooo) as well as my Lamy Safari, a new Rhodia notebook, and I think I just fell in love with Pilot Iroshizuku ink.

I kinda want to buy some panchetta.

Sometimes, I sit in my office and realize that in, order to fulfill my dream of writing about and participating in a medium that I love quite dearly, I will have to prepare myself to defend against constant harassment, verbal and emotional abuse, threats against my life and graphic threats of sexual rape.

All because I’m a woman that likes to play and talk about video games.

You know, all the stuff I’ve already had to deal with when I worked at the arcade and Gamestop.

*deep breath*

One good thing about my current job: I’m called an asshole about once a week, if not more, for doing my job properly. And after ten years of it? I am well capable of cutting a person down to size.

I think I’ll be alright.

I just can’t get over how frickin’ pumped he is. It’s so dang funny.
"YEAH!" I just can’t get over how frickin’ pumped he is. It’s so dang funny.
"YEAH!" I just can’t get over how frickin’ pumped he is. It’s so dang funny.
"YEAH!" I just can’t get over how frickin’ pumped he is. It’s so dang funny.
"YEAH!" I just can’t get over how frickin’ pumped he is. It’s so dang funny.
"YEAH!" I just can’t get over how frickin’ pumped he is. It’s so dang funny.

I just can’t get over how frickin’ pumped he is. It’s so dang funny.


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In some bizarre effort on my part to play a non-review game before the end of the year, and to hack through the dense forest that is my backlog, I started Xenoblade Chronicles, a Wii title I had picked up forever and a day ago because I was supporting localization of titles etc, etc. In fact, I have all three of the Operation Rainfall games (Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story, Pandora’s Tower) which I bought purely to support localization and with no actual interest in the games themselves.

But Xenoblade Chronicles was sitting there (right next to both Tales of Xillia and Tales of Graces f, as well as The Last of Us, all three of which are in their shrinkwrap), and since I hadn’t played a JRPG in a while, I figured I’d make use of my Wii U’s backwards compatibility and give it a whirl.

And now I’m 10 hours in, and I’ve realized I’m playing an MMO. An MMO with, thus far, bland characters and an uninteresting story. And also side quests. OH MY GOSH sidequests. Which all ties back into the MMO feeling again, because zero to none of these sidequests have amounted to any more than killing X number of Y species of monster, with an occasional “Bring me X animal parts” or “Kill X Named Monster” thrown between. So far I’ve encountered about 50 sidequests (maybe more) and they have all been equally shallow.

In fact, that’s how I realized I was playing an MMO: I was doing my umpteenth “Go to this zone that I’ve outleveled and farm this one particular mob for a drop,” and I started feeling World of Warcraft-levels of deja vu. I quit MMORPGs for a reason, and that reason being that the previous style of questing, involving loads of monotonous busy work, was just that: monotonous. And at only ten hours, it is way too early for Xenoblade Chronicles to start triggering my monotonous nerve.

As I’ve grown older, I’ve developed a lack of patience for games that don’t capture my attention, because often there are other things I can do, other games more engaging, that I can find to entertain myself with, and so if a game starts to bore me I’ll usually have no trouble pitching it. But I’m willing to give Xenoblade Chronicles a fair shake, at least in the interest of seeing if it was worth the localization drive. So from here on out, I’ll just plow through the story and see if it gets better for me.

Somewhere, I’ve made a completionist cry. 

*idily listening to Gopher’s Let’s Play Skyrim while working*

*hears Gopher get mad that nobody acknowledges that he’s thane of Whiterun*

*hears Gopher ask his follower to carry a banner*



*immediately installs Custom Sigils*


[Image - Anthy holding a cat.]

[Text - (859): Reasons why I love cats more than people: 1. They’re not fucking people.]


Recently, I’ve noticed that it’s common for gamers to have no sense of etiquette. This is not because they are naturally impolite, but because rules in games are limited to what can be controlled in the coded environment. There is no way to enforce rules for the real world, so they’re not bothered…